8 Best Stock Chat Rooms, Forums & Message Boards 2023

stock chat rooms

TradingView offers the possibility to add or remove additional users to a Private Chat. Clicking the cog wheel opens the settings window for chats where you have a lot of different options you can explore. The contents of public chats are visible and accessible to all TradingView visitors. To open the public chat window, just click the icon in the dock on the right side of your screen. I know our engineers are aware of the data usage and are steadily rolling out updates. The price action of a stock moving downward, generally experiencing above average volatility.

  • Well I think many of the users on this board are they traders and many or short selling, there’s a lot of folks like me that are also long-term investors and people who do not do this for a living.
  • You can lock in gains, meaning you are turning profits from unrealized to realized.
  • If you are trading options, please state the month and strike.
  • This is more than just a chat room as you can also run a stock screener, check market movers, news feed, and charts.

To know if this is the one for you, avail the 14-day free trial. Use coupon HT50 at checkout (all caps) for a 50% coupon discount for BullTradeFinder. This discord server is a popular community for a potential active trader and includes daily trade alerts, vibrant discussion and a mix of strategies related to breakout stocks. Gnotz, the community manager does a great job of getting the entire community to engage.

Stock Chat Rooms: The Cons

Bear Bull Traders’ chat room is also one of the best stock chat rooms in the world. It gives you a splendid opportunity to learn from experienced mentors. Furthermore, the psychology and performance team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals who teach you how to master your psychology.

Bear Bull Traders is our top pick overall because it checks all of these boxes, with an extensive library of resources, community support, and affordable pricing. Out of respect, we will not share the names of the specific services behind the alerts. These are generally support/resistance levels that can be used for risk. For example, if a stock is trying to break above $20 all day, $20 would be a key area. A break above $20 would confirm a breakout and a rejection off $20 may represent failed follow through momentum.

Want to know which markets just printed a pattern?

Bear Bull Traders is a community filled with serious traders from around the world who trade in the U.S. stock market. The terms “stock forum” and “stock message board” are often used interchangeably, though there are technically slight differences. Forums promote debate and allow multi-directional discussions, whereas message boards often encourage users to focus more on the initial question or topic. To participate in TradingView chat, you need to have gained a minimum of 5 reputation points.

When you open a ‘black box’, all of the unknowns start to make sense. For Blackboxstocks, it claims it can provide the same revelations about the equity market. They are specialized in day-trading, and various alerts for stocks and options get published by the moderators in multiple rooms. The integrated stock scanner uses some of the same technologies perfected by high-frequency traders (HFTs) on Wall Street.

What are the benefits of using a stock chat room?

The chat room design is relatively simple, like a message board with time stamps, descriptive text, charts and links to news articles. Topstep is the leading prop trading firm in the United States, and they go a bit different route than the other vendors in this list. Typically traders learn how to trade by attending a trading course or joining a chat room to learn from each other. Then, with the gained knowledge, traders start trading in a trading account, risking their own money. In the Humbled Trader chat room, members can connect with other traders worldwide to share trading strategies and ideas and help each other.

The OneOption chat is home to some of the top, most profitable day- and swing traders in the world. Some of them (Pete included) have decades of experience, and OneOption is their daily office. Working with Pete and the OneOption traders has transformed my trading. If you’re looking for a professional, work-focused environment to take you to the next level, or want to learn to trade from the best, there is no place I recommend more. If you are looking for a change in your trading strategies, then click here to apply for a membership. Operated by a US army veteran turned day trader, the Fast Money Traders chat room is both for day traders and swing traders.

Return On Investment

Users even have the ability to make custom charts, indicators, and more using Pine Script (TradingView’s own programming language). This advanced stock scanning tool uses artificial intelligence to help retail investors gather trading ideas and perform technical analysis quickly using live data. Many—but not all—of these traders are professional traders, making TradeCaster an excellent resource for newer traders.

These are invaluable if you are serious about trading and making money. I’ve been with Spartan Trading for several months and it has been a great supplement income in retirement. While there are so many day trading chat rooms out there, there’s no one-size-fits-all package. However, with any of the above-listed chat rooms, you can acquire the right trading experience and become a better trader.

You can follow me or you can do your own thing, that’s up to you. You will have direct access to traders with over 10 years experience happy to help you cut your trading learning curve and get you stock chat rooms profitable ASAP. Warrior day trading chat room is owned by Ross Cameron who also doubles up as a moderator. With over 5000 members, it is one of the biggest chat rooms for day traders out there.

stock chat rooms

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